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News and Comment August 2012

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12 August - Waitrose knows its onions

WaitroseI think the first website to carry the news that Waitrose had decided that Sidcup High Street with its Iceland, 99p Store, McDonalds and Cash Converters is not right for Waitrose, was this one, but only because I got a tip off from a Sidcup Community Group member and I was nearer a keyboard at the time than they were. Now I note that the SCG is saying that Waitrose isn’t likely to be swayed by Bexley council’s tacky petition. (Scroll down to ‘About our News’, not the item on Supermarkets.)

Whoever thought it would be? We have one of the country’s leading and most successful retailers, The John Lewis Partnership, with all the expertise at its command, being told how to conduct its business by a council that cannot even run a successful monopoly with councillors who when left to their own devices go bust with alarming frequency.

The only indication I have of business acumen among the ranks of Bexley council are reports that its deputy leader has been seen wandering the streets of Bexley with a bag slung over his shoulder poking stuff through letter boxes; don’t tell Sandra Bauer. Leaflets for Bexley Cabs I assume but maybe he is trying to do an estate agent out of his commission.

So it looks like Sidcup can whistle for a Waitrose. Remember, you read it here second!


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