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News and Comment August 2012

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23 August (Part 1) - Something to hide

Will TuckleyThe totally ignored Freedom of Information request for Chief Executive Will Tuckley’s business appointments for May 2012 has been referred to the Information Commissioner. Another for the June diary is also unanswered and is taking a different route. No point in duplicating things. However it is clear that Will Tuckley is having some difficulty with the concept of justifying his £258,000 salary package. Sixth highest in the country.

But it’s not the only subject which strikes Tuckley dumb, he’s gone all coy about councillors who may be criminals. “Is Bexley Council aware of any councillor being the subject of a criminal investigation by the Metropolitan Police in the last 18 months? If so, how many?” Result - total silence. That's another that will be going off to the Information Commissioner about now.

Akin Alabi, Bexley’s Head of Legal Services was talking about the very same subject at a meeting of the Standards Committee last month. He said he had correspondence with the Communities Department about it. Trying to get hold of it is proving to be impossible. Fortunately on that one there is an alternative strategy. Ask the Communities Department for a copy.


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