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News and Comment June 2012

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13 June - Lull before the storm?

Bexley Cabs on FacebookNot just a comment on a rare sunny morning - more rain is on the way - but also a reference to it being another quiet news day. In retrospect Sunday’s headline (Watch this space) doesn’t look very clever; nothing worthy of mention has come to notice since then and today’s report is primarily to assure enquirers that the blog is not yet dead.

I had expected to be reporting last night’s Cabinet Meeting this morning but it was cancelled - at least that’s what the council’s website said, but I do sometimes wonder if they say that only to deter observers and have their meeting away from the nuisance which is the public.

From Bexley Village there have been more reports that Mark Campbell, the man whose name I have yet to find on the planning application for Bexley Cabs, (†) is still campaigning locally in an attempt to get people to see things his way. Those taking his side have not been calling me so I am in danger of presenting a one-sided report, but one specifically discredited the latest (Monday 11th June) Facebook claim. It will be interesting to see who is right tomorrow evening. Meanwhile yet another phone call said I am to be sued for my reports on squabbling villagers. Mark Campbell denies it is him, someone must be leading me up the garden path.

Other news is that Bexley council’s perverse view that telling a deaf man to “sit down and be quiet” is not dismissive has been officially challenged. Mrs. Grootendorst has been to court to challenge Bexley council’s view that her house and garden is a blot on the landscape and delivery of the complaint to Met. Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe about Bexleyheath police’s failure to seriously investigate Bexley council’s obscene blog has been confirmed. These things should provide interesting news in the days to come but meanwhile there is not a lot going on.

The letter of complaint to Hogan-Howe has now been added to the website’s published documents but with some redactions, necessary to avoid prejudicing any enquiries which may not yet be completely dead. When the time is right the redaction will be lifted.

† Update: I have been referred to a planning document which states the applicant’s name to be a Ms. Byrne but Mr. Campbell is given as the contact for site visits. Technically his name can therefore be found on the planning application.

As a Bexley resident living at the other end of the borough I have no interest in this case except to watch that Bexley council follows correct procedures and so far they appear to have done exactly that. I have received more than the usual number of comments from readers about Bexley Cabs but they have almost all come from sources which were previously unknown to me. For that reason it has not been possible to report much as being absolutely factual and unless things become clear tomorrow evening all I know is that not everything reported to me can be true. I am fully prepared to be surprised.

The first mention of Bexley Cabs on 2nd May referred to conflicting reports and contradictions have abounded ever since. The application itself seemed to be a well written document and lacking in local knowledge I saw no reason for its rejection. A bit of me still hopes it will go through, but my reasons would be unmitigated self-interest. It would make for a better story!


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