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News and Comment March 2012

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22 March (Part 1) - The London Borough of Bexley - Nutsville

NutsvilleNutsville is a website that follows the excesses of local government and appears to specialise in parking issues, so it was nice to see them pick up on yesterday’s blog about how Teresa O’Neill and Will Tuckley were intent on perverting the course of justice and getting Olly Cromwell and me put away for a long time; thwarted only by a policeman rather brighter than I have recently given them credit for.

I am being egged on by members of the Bexley Council Monitoring Group to reveal which Bexley councillor made the Tosspot comment about me and whilst they didn’t doubt it was a councillor they had noted that I had not provided documentary proof as I usually do.

email extractThe reason was that the proof exists at two levels. The first, an email from which an extract is provided today, would be far too easy to forge and therefore means nothing, and the second is the detailed internet trace which gives the game away conclusively, right down to the make and model of the hand held device from which it was sent, its owner and its acquired IP address.

It’s not the right time to reveal the name of someone who Googles the word Tosspot, that is very small beer and would be a distraction from the main event. We have managed to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Teresa O’Neill and Will Tuckley are behind the unjustified attacks on bloggers and presumably left themselves wide open to criminal charges. The next objective is to expose the obscene blogger. Maybe a man obsessed with the word Tosspot - used 21 times - is happy with the similar language of the obscene blog too. If he is exposed as the obscene blogger being the Tosspot author will be the least of his problems.


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