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News and Comment March 2012

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23 March (Part 2) - And now another one is rattled

Email from a Bexley councillorAfter the inhuman treatment meted out to Olly Cromwell and the revelations of the Teresa O’Neill and Will Tuckley inspired plot to have both of us flung into chokey I see no need to be quite as restrained with my file of incriminating bits and pieces. I’m not sure what the second sentence of this one is all about; I admit there is a bit cut from the middle because that would reveal things the sender really wouldn’t be too happy about but it didn’t make any more sense even before it was cut out. I still don’t plan on letting you know who these councillors are, I’m after bigger fish, and I won’t be stooping to Bexley council’s level by making false allegations. I post this snippet solely to annoy Bexley council’s top brass and to offer confirmation to those of the local population who may be interested that the worm is turning and could yet bite Bexley council on the bum.

I know it once again could be easily forged but you don’t really think I would throw all credibility away by making up relative trivia do you?


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