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News and Comment May 2012

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13 May (Part 2) - Parking. Perils and perks

Covered cameras Parking sign Council surveyIn the first two or three months of this year Bexley’s CCTV cars were travelling around town with their cameras covered. It was a period that coincided with a serious drop in the number of penalty notices (PCNs) issued. The connection seems to be more than a little obvious, but not according to Bexley council.

In a Freedom of Information response they have said that the cameras were covered “to assist in the prevention of any vandalism or being open to the elements in order to reduce wear and tear on the camera lenses when not actually filming”. The risk of vandalism must have gone with the arrival of Bexleyheath’s new top cop.

Camera lenses are not the only thing that Bexley council has been hiding. The parking restriction notice is fixed to someone’s gate support pillar rather than the customary pole. So if you see a couple of apparently unrestricted parking spaces with no notices on poles, don’t believe you are safe, you are in Bexley.

Government guidance is that signs should be a minimum of 900 millimetres above ground level and adds the following…

Careful consideration should be given to any proposal to mount signs at a low height, such as on railings or bollards, as there is a risk of drivers not noticing them.

Council staff are mercifully free from such perils, with their charges for parking in council car parks waived it’s not surprising that most of them drive to work. (Bexley council survey of their own staff.)


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