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News and Comment May 2012

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25 May (Part 1) - Working together for a safer London. Ha! Ha!

Evening Standard reportWhen Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer suddenly disappeared from the local police scene the conspiracy theorists linked it to his failure to investigate crimes committed by his friends at Bexley council. I doubted it so there was no allusion to that here. I had noted that quite a big shuffle of borough commanders took place at the same time and assumed they were being moved on quickly before they had time to get too involved in the corruption for which the Metropolitan Police is renowned. However it would appear that the truth falls somewhere in between.

The Evening News reported a couple of days ago that Commander Stringer and others were moved after “Wire-style grillings”. It looks like he was too easy going on criminals both inside and outside the council chamber; but is his replacement any better?

At last week’s public meeting with Commissioner Hogan-Howe, Elwyn Bryant asked why the investigation into Bexley council’s obscene blog was inconclusive after 12 months. Hogan-Howe said he should have a word with new Commander Olisa after the meeting and if no information was forthcoming within the next week to let him know. Commander Olisa appeared to take a good deal of interest in the case but hasn’t bothered to contact Elwyn since.

It is 26 days since Bexleyheath police phoned me to say that “within two weeks, probably less” I would hear something more useful than their repetitive assurances that the blog investigation is ongoing but they can’t give any details. Just like Elwyn, I have heard nothing. When I went to see Commander Stringer my always supportive MP, Teresa Pearce, volunteered to accompany me. I updated her on the current situation yesterday and she is going to whisper something in Chief Superintendent Olisa’s ear. Elwyn has put off his plan to complain directly to the Commissioner until next week.


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