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News and Comment October 2012

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13 October - Three tales of stupidity in Bonkers Bexley

It’s the weekend so time to fill in with some of the minor or light hearted items that may require a quick follow up. The past week has proved once again that the sillier Bexley council gets - thanks Mr. Fox - the more page views the blog gets. Or maybe it’s the ruder I get about them. Hard to tell. Nice upward trend anyway.

Register of Members’ Interests

John Kerlen’s abortive trip to inspect the register was as I suspected all the fault of Kevin Fox. It was him who decided to break the council’s own rules and probably the law. When John went again the following day someone more reasonable was on duty and the register was produced.

When Elwyn Bryant and I took a look last year we noted down an address for every councillor. John found that most of them have been removed from the register. Someone once said that Bexley will never put the register on the web because it will provoke even more lies by councillors. I expect that man was right.

That News Shopper letter

A couple of emails have told me how Megan Clement who supports Bexley council’s wish to see a miscarriage of justice is linked to the council but I’m not yet totally convinced by either. Corroborating evidence has been elusive so far.

I wrote to the editor of the News Shopper complaining about him libelling me - very much tongue in cheek - and he said he found the point being made in the letter was “strange”. I’d guess he published it to stoke controversy rather than protect his advertising revenue as many people suspect. Where else could Bexley council advertise now that the Shopper has no local competition?

Boris loves Teresa - after a good drink

An anonymous message said “Boris has always had a penchant for the buxom wench”. Yes, so we are led to believe. But is Teresa O’Neill a buxom wench?

Let’s remind ourselves of what a buxom wench looks like.

It is said that powerful men can pluck the best of the bunch; maybe it was a strongly alcoholic cocktail doing the talking.

Teresa O’Neill. Boris Johnson’s bit on the side? Surely not.


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