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News and Comment October 2012

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17 October (Part 2) - Update on Freedom of Information requests

It isn’t just the unfinished Knee Hill resurfacing that has received commendably quick attention from Bexley council, the Information Commissioner’s demand that they respond to the FOI about the number of councillors who have been investigated by the police got an almost instant response too. They refused to give the information - again; so once more a report is winging its way to Wilmslow - the ICO’s address.

An enquiry has gone to the same place. Is it permissible to send a transcript of an original document which cannot be proven to bear any similarity to the original. This one relates to Bexley council’s failure to provide a facsimile of Will Tuckley’s business appointments diary.

And to keep the pot boiling, someone has asked who it was who requested police presence at last night’s meeting, and why.


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