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News and Comment September 2012

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12 September (Part 2) - “Compassion”? Don’t be naive. Exploitation perhaps but not compassion

News ShopperWhen I read this letter in the News Shopper on 27th June my suspicious mind immediately said “plant”. It was near certain that the “newly established cafe” in Bexley village was Cafe Blanco which has direct links to the Campbell family, Bexley Cabs and through both, Bexley council.

The cafe owner, Dymphna Byrne, had made the planning application for Bexley Cabs and I was in no mood to take anything about the cafe at face value. Could the Shopper’s Star Letter in praise of Cafe Blanco’s owner really be entirely genuine and without ulterior motive? I doubted it but all efforts to find a link between the Campbells and the author came to nothing. I concluded that the letter had been submitted in all innocence and have no reason to change my mind even now.

A month after that letter was published a telephone call from a regular contributor said that the young ladies who had been employed by the cafe owner had never been paid. I’m careful about things like that, the message may well have come from a trusted source but I really needed to speak to those directly involved before going with such a story. And now I have; and the report was true.

There have been so many stories involving the Campbells and their business deals that the ‘funny business’ begins to look like more than coincidence. There was the villa in Tenerife, the pub in Bean, the strange goings on at Bexley Barbers and Bexley Cabs. And now this latest episode. Pick up any Bexley council related stone, find something distasteful underneath. Watch this space, more details another day.


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