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News and Comment September 2012

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21 September (Part 1) - Silence is golden

Will Tuckley and Teresa O'NeillIt's become very obvious that the criminal protecting upper echelons of Bexley council have issued an edict that I should be starved of information. All my most active sources of information have been stone walled for the past three months. The ‘best’ Freedom of Information response in that time is the one in which Bexley council refused to confirm or deny whether there were criminal suspects in their midst.

It takes time for the Information Commission to get to grips with Bexley council’s renewed bout of law breaking and while we wait I must look for other sources of council news. However it is nice of Will and Teresa to confirm that Bonkers is important enough for them to set up more barriers.

Fortunately the post bag gets ever fatter, there will always be readers’ comments to fall back on. eg.

Those excuses about late/no payment are all too familiar. Mine were not about accountant errors but bank errors. If there was any possible thing which could go wrong it did including his account allegedly being frozen while checking if he was money laundering between Tenerife and the UK. Also I had similar promises of “I'm sat in the bank, looking at her screen, the money has been sent” but it did not arrive!

I wonder if he knows what is true anymore as he lies so frequently he believes what he says is true.

Now just who can he be referring to?


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