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News and Comment September 2012

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24 September (Part 1) - Another B and C story

Business people who open a succession of companies only to close them a matter of months later are likely to arouse suspicions. How do they make enough money to start the next one? Do they leave a trail of unpaid debts? It would seem to be the usual practice and the son of Bexley’s deputy council leader and his business partner Ms. Byrne must know the game inside out.
Campbell and Byrne's businesses
Bonnie & ClydeWhen reports came in a few weeks ago that the owner of Bexley Cabs and former occupant of the Black Horse couldn’t be found I thought a few enquiries might be in order and probed one of his favourite haunts, Tenterden. The story there turned out to be much the same as in Tenerife and Bean. A trail of unhappy people.

In particular the owner of a former registered address spoke of chasing unpaid rent and how the Post Office keeps delivering mail to him from people who have lost track of the elusive couple and are without the backing of the waitress’s persistent parents. Maybe the County Court Judgment which one of the debtors has secured will serve to bring the Bexley Barrow Boy to heel.

Note: It’s all Bs and Cs again. Byrne Campbell. Bexley Cabs. Bonnie and Clyde. And presumably DM Investments is Dymphna and Mark. How long before this one goes belly up? (Barrow was Clyde’s surname.)


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