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News and Comment October 2012

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7 October (Part 1) - Been there, done that already

The Director, Bexley is BonkersThere has been a marked reduction recently in the number of anonymous messages arriving via that facility on the Contact page and on balance I think that is a good thing. If nothing else, the fact that one cannot thank the sender makes me feel uncomfortable about such contacts; but yesterday the postman delivered an anonymous letter to a rather magnificent addressee.

My address is not difficult to find, it’s in the phone book and on the domain name owner lists and it’s by no means the first time a reader has chosen to communicate in that manner. However I think it is the first that has been anonymous and I'm not sure what the point of it is.

The envelope contained only three pages from the News Shopper dated 29th August 2012 and I am left to guess which articles are to be singled out for attention.

My suspicion is that one is a report on Bexley’s poor OFSTED results which were mentioned on 29th August, 26th September and again last week. Maybe I should have made more of it when the news first broke instead of relying on the link to Will Tuckley’s apology.

Another is likely to be the fact that Bexley council paid compensation to 121 motorists whose vehicles were damaged by potholes. This subject was covered on 24th August and the statistics showed Bexley to be far from worst of the bunch. I have once or twice reported potholes to Bexley council and had them fixed within the hour. There is one developing outside my house right now so maybe I’ll be making another call soon.

The third News Shopper page covers only a failure by Bexleyheath police to attend a serious a crime. I have to remind the reader that this website is called Bexley council is Bonkers and only when the police in some way aid and abet Bexley council’s criminal ambitions should police activity be reported here. I suspect that rule has been occasionally broken but this is not primarily an anti-police website. There are plenty of those already.

Having said that I have been looking for an excuse to bring to your attention…
Nigerian newspaper report…which makes one wonder what Victor Olisa did about PC John Lovegrove who stitched up a black youth in court after being deployed to find a white knife carrier.

One might also wonder why this incident was never covered by the any of the local newspapers.

As usual, click the image for the original report.


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