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News and Comment December 2012

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8 December (Part 2) - A Frizoni Folly claims a victim

Long Lane crossing Visibility impaired Long Lane crossingNot a Frizoni Fatality fortunately but close.

As the search engine referrals suggested, the removal of the pedestrian refuge from the Long Lane crossing has resulted in injuries to a pedestrian.

Long Lane forms part of the main route from Thamesmead and Abbey Wood to the centre of Bexleyheath and consequently busy for much of the day. The pedestrian crossing is no more than two car lengths from a crossroad junction and aggravated by the proximity of the Shell filling station. Residents have complained to Bexley council many times since the original crossing was needlessly altered without response.

Long Lane crossingAs the photographs taken at 10:30 this morning indicate, on sunny mornings pedestrians are tempted to launch themselves into the traffic stream almost blind. Note the woman shielding her eyes.

On the 29th November a man in his sixties who lives very close to the crossing and presumably very aware of its dangers was hit by a car exiting the petrol station. The driver was presumably keeping his eye on passing traffic and the crossing without its central refuge was no longer as obvious as it was. Additionally it was dark and the crossing beacons being shrouded are near invisible to motorists approaching from the side roads.

Frizoni’s Folly is an accident waiting to happen predictable to anyone who stands and observes for five minutes but not to the Bexley Buffoons content to sit in their warm offices drawing huge salaries and transferring responsibilities to Parsons Brinckerhoff for a mere £4 million.

Eye witnesses have said the man was thrown over the car and badly injured. Perhaps Mr. Frizoni would like to send him a Get Well card?

Previous reports on the Long Lane Lunacy. 6th March 2012. 2nd April 2012. 20th November 2012.


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